The women's initiative for facing the past "Peace with Women's Face" includes the foundation "Lara" Bijeljina, association "HO Hori-zonti" Tuzla, foundation "Udružene žene" Banja Luka, Centre for Legal Aid for Women, Zenica, Helsinki Parliament of Citizens of Banja Luka, "Žena BiH" Mostar, "Glas žene" Bihać, women's association "Most" Višegrad, association "Forum žena" Bratunac, foundation CURE Sa-rajevo, women citizens' association "Grahovo" Bosansko Grahovo, citizens' association "Budućnost" Modriča, and women's association from Prijedor "Izvor" Prijedor. The initiative brought together 13 women's associations from various social and war-related backgrounds, which acted through a joint platform and managed to identify common interests in spite of different war-related experiences and contexts of their communities. They initiated activities for the memori-alisation of women's suffering and culture of remembrance, which is an important accomplishment and potential for future activities.

Forum Ziviler Friedensdienst (forumZFD) is a German organi-sation established in 1996. The organisation trains and deploys peace experts to conflict regions, where they work together with their local colleagues and partners in order to promote a peaceful coexistence and non-violent conflict resolution. In the Western Balkans, the focus is on projects related to facing the past, culture of remembrance and establishing dialogue between the opposing parties. This includes support of civil society or enhancing media capacities for more public debates on Dealing with the Past in a constructive matter. A strategic partner of Forum ZFD in the Western Balkans is Pax Christi in the Aachen Diocese.

The History Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina collects, preserves, presents and promotes the cultural and historic heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The museum was established in 1945. During its 70-year history, it underwent numerous changes: from the change of its name to the change of its structure and location. Today, the History Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina gives insight into various topics and phases of history of Bosnia and Herzegovina – often from the perspective of a contemporary witness and an or-dinary person. Having faced the challenges of the post-war society, the Museum has been preserved thanks to the concept of openness towards the society and strengthening the relations with the community and offering content to the audience by using museum items, stories and space to speak about the past, present and future.


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