What if Peace Was Given a Chance?

„I remember very well a question asked at a press conference: ‘why did you record an anti-war song when the war was over’, meaning when the conflicts in Croatia were calming down. This is what really stuck to my memory, because I didn’t see it that way, I saw that the worst war was yet to start.“

Srđan Gojković Gile, Member of the New Wave group Electrični Orgazam[1]

The year 2021 marks the 30th anniversary of the events that eventually led to the violent dissolution of Yugoslavia. The narratives of violence and war still echo across the Western Balkans region through ethno-centric policies, revisionist narration of history, denial of war crimes, nationalistic politics, and the neglection of the importance to deal with this common past.

Author: Linda Gusia
Exhibition “Data: Mars” - Protests and Women’s Activism in Kosovo

Author: Igo Rogova
Women’s Protests in the 1990s in Kosovo: The Story of Igo Rogova

Author: Naum Trajanovski
The Macedonian 1980s and 1990s: A Peace-Oasis?

Author: Nađa Duhaček i Daša Duhaček
Antiwar Movement and Women in Serbia during the 1990s

Author: Nikola Mokrović
Towards the 30th anniversary of the Croatian Anti-War Campaign

Author: Suada Kapić
The Culture of Resistance and the Culture of Remembrance

Author: Mišo Vidović, Jelena Jevđenić
“Yutel for Peace” Concert, Banja Luka, 24 August 1991

Author: forumZFD
The Balkan Perspectives Podcast

Impressum 16 - 05/2021

Editor in Chief: Alexander Vojvoda

Editorial Team: Sunita Dautbegović-Bošnjaković, Martin Filipovski, Ana Pejović

Authors: Daša Duhaček, Nađa Duhaček, Linda Gusia, Jelena Jevđenić, Suada Kapić, Nikola Mokrović, Igo Rogova, Naum Trajanovski, Mišo Vidović

Podcasts: Bosnia and Hercegovina: media platform Naratorium, Đorđe Krajišnik and Jadranka Miličević. Kosovo: TILLT Radio team, Marigona Shabiu from YIHR Kosovo and Serbeze Haxhiaj. North Macedonia: Radio MOF, Jasmina Jakimova and Naum Trajanovski. Serbia: radio show Ženergija on Radio Aparat, Zoe Gudović, Staša Zajović, Dragan Protić  (Prota Škart), Nataša Kandić, and Nikola Barović.

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