The video " MOnuMENTImotion"

is part of the project " MemorInmotion" – a pedagogical tool on culture of remembrance ( MOnuMENTImotion" - The Art of Dealing with the Past (project by forumZFD and partners) is a short animation movie created by 18 young students from Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Germany under the direction of Muhamed Kafedžić-Muha.

Inspired by the exhibition MOnuMENTI by Marko Krojač, it depicts monuments of WWII in the Western Balkans region. The initial idea of the Project was to bring the related petrified, isolated monuments into a fictional interaction, as a metaphor for the awakened, living memories.

Through this creative vision, the young students opened the door to a series of opportunities to question the history, the dominant and prevailing narratives of monuments and memory sites in the Western Balkans, and the role of art and artists in the process of memorialisation and dealing with the past.